Creative Living Bali - Profile

Our business started in 1995 under the name of �Second Time Around (STA)" and was mainly focussed on producing handmade furniture using reclaimed teakwood.

Since the beginning our company has always aimed towards quality and customer satisfactory, specializing in custom made products.

Over the years as more client demands came in, STA became more modernized and changed its name to Creative Living. This name better indicates our purpose and what we deliver. We carefully create a product to match your living environment.

Creative Living does not only produce furniture; we also provide property renovation works or new building projects - with or without furniture packages.

At Creative Living you're welcome to discuss your projects. No matter what the size of the project might be; just a simple chair or a large interior project, all are welcome.

We can reproduce or design many kinds of furniture; loose or built-in furniture.

As a client you can bring in your own designs and even your own materials.

We will build that piece of furniture you need.